Heart of Flesh Literary Journal

By Veronica McDonald, author, artist and mom!

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Heart of Flesh Literary Journal

Professional Mom’s Mother’s Day Post!

Mom’s The Boss

If you’ve never had that moment with your child or grandchild when they said, “You’re not the boss!” or behind your back, overheard, “She says that, but she won’t do anything!” Then you either don’t have kids, or you are not paying attention. They have said it, I promise.

If you have heard this and done nothing, shame on you. No wonder the world is in such a chaotic state. It is my opinion that, although this lack of consequences for childish mischief may have made it too late for some (and lack of discipline in the courts have made it worse,) we can only start NOW, with the children in front of us, to make it right.

Ok, so, stepping back a bit, why did I entitle this “Mom’s The Boss’? Speaking from my own experience as a “stay-at-home” mom, it was I who spent 90% of the time with our 6 children. If you are a single mom, you’ve then got 100%, not counting daycare, if you work outside the home. When my kids acted up and needed discipline, I was the one who delivered. I was and still am a believer in “consequences.” Whether that is a switch, a wooden spoon, a paddle, time out (without devices) or manual labor, something’s gotta give! For larger infractions and larger children (teens) sometimes I deferred to “wait ‘til Dad gets home,’ or “Dad and I will have to work out your punishment.” I tried to “build up” the fact that Dad had the first say in all things discipline, with God as his “boss” in the hierarchy of the family.

God is the ultimate Boss.

But you are with the children, whether a stay at home or a working mom (outside the home.) So, you must be ready to deliver on infractions as they come up. I would not be so bold as to say you get up every morning ready for a fight, however, I did have twins (my firsts) that made it hard to just relax and enjoy them!

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