Check Out Mom Businesses

So many mommies are doing home businesses to be able to stay home with their children. I’m on a mission to help moms with their ideas and dreams. First and foremost, you are a mom, whether you work inside or outside your home, however, cyber businesses can always stand a boost! Believe me, I know.

This spot features my niece, Becca:

My Niece Becca, mommy of Max, and Mae, has created some fabulous forms, cards and other really cool items that can help you stay organized with every event you can think of, for example, her babysitter form gives peace of mind as you make sure all of your child’s needs are on a checklist.

She also has forms (pay for download, copy as many as you need!) for:

House Sitter Instructions
21 Days to Break a Habit
Daily List
Devotional Worksheet
Dog Sitter Instructions, and MORE!

Visit her Etsy site to see what she has come up with, stickers, cards, etc.


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