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Let my team help you with any mommy issue that comes along. Share your stories, let me advertise your business, I can help with any mommy question that comes my way!

New Moms, Moms of Tweens or Teens, Grandmoms, or Caregivers, I am here to help! Email today and tell others. Join us on FaceBook and Twitter. Yep, I had 6 children in 6 years, Yep, I had twins first, Yep, they are all grown now and I have 16 beautiful grandchildren. Email, Tweet or Facebook me your problem or share your story!

We’re all in this together and I can help!

Husband, Joe, is a full-time missionary;

Be sure to visit Joe’s web site: joemcdonaldministry.org for all the latest ministry news and pictures.

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Patti McDonald