New Year, New Goal to Read the Bible Through!

I’m one day away from reading my Bible through. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I am so excited to have experienced this! Thank you to the folks at Teach Sunday School (.com) for putting together this chronological guide, that is both extremely easy to follow and keeps you on target to finish in a year!

I have been a Christian and Bible student since my teens but 2023 was the first year I actually read the Bible from cover to cover!

You can too! Simply download the guide link and either print it out, like I did, or follow on line. It’s that simple.

I plan to do it again in 2024, starting Monday!

Click Here For Your Download

*Disclaimer: This does cost $9.99, but you can copy and use multiple times.

Be sure to comment when you get started! Patti (Professional Mom) Click the title of this post to comment.

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