Miracle Cures From The Past

Dear Readers:

If you viewed my video tip today on my Facebook page, you heard about some of the healing properties of Vaseline.

It’s a real “blast from my past” but my mom used Vaseline (100% pure petroleum jelly) for almost any rash, itch, flake, burn, scrape, you could ever imagine.

New moms, you can use it on diaper rash or even those skin creases that become irritated.

Another real healing help that you may not know about is, Witch Hazel. It’s an astringent (liquid) that can be used to keep bruising down for those bumps and scrapes that happen almost daily with youngsters.

Bruises, bumps, scrapes, sunburn, rashes, acne and bug bites are just a few of the uses for this product. My mom uses this, to this day, and recommends it for all of us.

Vinegar is a healing agent as well. Use it on insect bites, as a repellent, weeds, ants. clean pet ears, mix with water and uses a steam bath, dress wounds.

And finally, Vicks Vaporub, another nostalgic product that I grew up with. Use it for those little congested chests, and a dot under the nose to help a stuffed up nose.

Some of you new moms, and maybe some older ones will get many uses out of these old time, but everyday products.

Let me know if you have used any of them of if you try time from my recommendation!