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  1. Rose’s Room
    We have baby and children’s furniture, clothing and school uniforms to give away to parents who are Fostering, Adopting or find themselves in emergency situations. We receive donations, sort, store and give away as we are aware of needs. We would like to help you or a friend who has a need. In Jesus, Barbara Barber

  2. This is such an awesome ministry Barbara! Thank you for offering help to mommies in need! There is a tender story behind this ministry if you care to share. Thanks for posting!

  3. I love to help moms teach their little ones about Jesus. A good foundation in Jesus will give children a base for resiliency throughout their lives and a future hope. I am thrilled that I could incorporate Patti’s book, The Gospel Parade, with my children’s ministry. We created shoebox floats to go with the story and we are using the floats as a tool to help little ones (and big ones) learn about Jesus and His Gospel story. I take the floats to child development centers, neighborhoods, churches, and even mardi gras parades! You can see my floats at

    • Seeing the floats from “The Gospel Parade” on your website was very emotional and encouraging for me! What a blessing you are! Wee Can Know has been working in backyard bible clubs and other venues to get the Word of God out, even in the roughest of places, New Orleans! Thank you for sharing my book with links on your site. I hope everyone who stops at will check out your site and learn about your awesome ministry!

  4. Thank you Patti and Joe for coming to St Bernard Parish and sharing “The Gospel Parade” with the children and families on the Irish, Italian, Islenos Parade route (iii Parade). What a HUGE blessing to take our little shoebox Gospel Floats (inspired by your book) to the streets of St Bernard. Thank for all your help to make the day a success! We distributed over 3000 pieces of Christian literature with the Gospel message (including John 3:16 coins, Gospel Bracelets, and your small version of “The Gospel Parade.” (Not to mention walking a 10 K while we participated! )

  5. It was so special (and exhausting, haha!) God knows just who should and will receive His Word. The floats are amazing, thank you for all of your work on those and the prep for the parade! I will be posting an article and pictures on my site soon!

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