Tips for Helping Your Children Make Healthy Life Choices by Leslie Campos*

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If you have children, you want to do all you can to ensure they grow up healthy and happy. Supporting them in making healthy life choices at a young age can help them thrive now and in the future. With that said, getting your children to think about health can be tough. Luckily, there are small steps you can take to make it happen. These tips from Professional Mom can get you started in creating a healthier home for your children.

Encourage a Healthy Diet

Encourage little ones to eat healthy by involving them in your meal preparation. There are plenty of easy-to-prepare healthy family recipes like a white bean casserole or veggie lasagna. Learning cooking can help little ones in the future too. As young adults living on their own one day, they’ll be well equipped to care for themselves. Plus, you can benefit from the extra help in the kitchen.

Make Exercise a Family Activity

Exercise is another important component of a healthy lifestyle. Make physical activity a part of your family’s everyday routine. There are plenty of family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy. Examples include hula-hooping, dancing, playing tag, or taking the dog for a walk. As kids get older, encourage them to take part in school sports. This is a great way to stay fit while also making friends. It’s always a good idea to get outside and exercise as much as possible, and you can set an example in this regard as well. The benefits of being in the fresh air and getting in some sunlight when possible are numerous, and it can be as simple as playing in the backyard or taking a walk in the neighborhood or at a nearby park. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with a high Walk Score, which measures a locality’s walkability, all the better!

Support Your Children’s Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, whatever your age. If your child struggles with issues like anxiety or stress, find a mental health service online to help them. Online therapy is affordable and secure, and the time it takes for your doctor’s appointment is minimal. Many therapists include a free consultation to ensure they’re an appropriate fit for your child.


Talk to Kids about Drug and Alcohol Use

 As your children get older, issues like drugs and alcohol can be problematic. Take the time to talk to your teens openly about this topic. Health Park Pediatrics provides tips for talking to children about substance abuse. For example, you want to keep it age-appropriate while being clear about the rules and regulations. Also, explain the health repercussions of drugs and alcohol.

Find Ways to Boost Kids’ Confidence and Leadership Skills

 Instilling confidence in kids can serve them well when they’re older. Encourage your little one to participate in activities that boost self-esteem. Give them responsibilities by assigning them chores, for example, and create a family compliment jar where you can write positive things on paper and save them. iMom has more ideas for boosting children’s confidence and leadership abilities. Ingraining leadership skills now will help them shine when they’re older.

 Be a Role Model by Honing Your Leadership Skills

As their parent, you are your child’s biggest role model. Set a great example for them by boosting your own self-esteem. One example is putting your beliefs to work by volunteering for your favorite charity. Or you can extend a helping hand by starting a nonprofit of your own. Setting up a nonprofit isn’t rocket science (it’s very similar to forming an LLC) and you can always outsource the formation process to a formation service, which will file all the necessary paperwork and get you up and running in no time.

Another way to do this is to pursue your goals by getting an advanced degree and pursuing promotions at work. There are many online MBA programs you can choose from, which give you the flexibility to study, work, and be a parent all at the same time.

When you have children, their well-being is a top priority. Helping them make healthy choices now can ensure that they grow into physically and mentally fit adults. Get engaged in healthy activities as a family, and model healthy behavior from eating nutritious meals to supporting – or even starting – a nonprofit. Your kids are always watching you. Show them how to live a healthy life!

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*Leslie is a gifted writer and mom, a frequent quest writer for Professional Mom. She has three children and lives in Iowa. She hopes to provide relief and tips to busy parents through her own website, Thank you for sharing your tips! PM

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