Old Faithful: Left Over Rotisserie Chicken

Dear Moms everywhere,

Who doesn’t want a quick and easy meal? I know I do!

One afternoon, shopping at SAMs, one of my faves, I spied a woman rolling toward the checkout with 7 rotisserie chickens. I couldn’t help but ask if there was a party, and she said, “No, I just get one for every night of the week.”

I thought, what a great idea! And recently, using one for supper “as is” and making chicken salad with the rest, I thought, AGAIN, what a great idea!

I just wanted to give you a quick post and relay some ideas about using this delectable bird.

First of all, “as is” in my opinion, when fresh off the cooker, is perfect, however, my husband and I rarely eat the whole thing when it’s fresh. More times than not (silly me) I let it sit in the fridge too long and end up throwing the leftovers away. I hate that!

So, here are some suggestions, for you and me when we have enough for more than one meal.

Chicken salad, enhance with mayo, celery, and boiled eggs, or just mayo (salt.)

Chicken tacos, enhanced with taco flavoring, cheese or cheese sauce, salsa, and guacamole, if preferred.

Chicken enchiladas. You can use queso cheese and flour or corn tortillas. (Bake in oven)

Chicken tortilla soup. Chicken stock, salsa, taco seasoning and crispy chips for topping.

Chicken and dumplings. (see “Almost Chicken and Dumplings” post)

Chicken rice soup (or noodle.) Chicken stock or broth, rice, or noodles.

And my son Sean’s absolute fave, BBQ chicken on a Hawaiian roll, yum! Just add BBQ sauce.

And you get the idea! I am going to look at my leftovers in a different light from now on! Comment below if you have some other ways to use a rotisserie chicken in a recipe! I’m excited to hear from you!

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