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Everyone, almost without exception, loves their mom. Moms are our role-models, our confidants, our heroes. They give us our life, food and hugs. Moms are great. My mom, Norma Nodar, is the greatest.

If you know her, or have ever been remotely in contact with her, by that I mean, sell insurance to her, paint her house or help her at the store, you have probably gotten a card from her. This in and of itself is a blessing to multitudes. My siblings and I have 15 children between us, plus now, their spouses. Every one of us receive not only birthday cards but Thanksgiving, Easter and other various holidays. Our plethora of grandchildren, at least 40 (which includes the great-grands and steps,) have received their birthday cards with a crisp five-dollar bill until their 18th birthday! After that, they continue to get a card (usually with a decorated envelope) until, well, I guess forever.

But wait, I mentioned if you were remote contact, which means not only venders and businesses, but friend’s birthdays, illnesses, congratulations, shut-in encouragement and sympathy cards, sent, by the way, every single day.

And Thank You cards…I have literally brought my mom some cookies or had her for dinner at my house and the next day a thank you was in my mailbox. Sometimes we’ll go to lunch and I’ll say, “Now you don’t have to send me a thank you note, Mom!” I don’t mean to be rude, but those things mount up and being a bit hoardery, I seem to have saved every note or letter I have gotten from my mom in 40+ years, that’s since I’ve been grown.

So, needless to say, my mom is a blessing to many, not only with her cards, but sweet kindnesses. When she was a little younger (did I mention she’s 89?) she would buy a bunch of roses or other flowers and put a few in vases to take to shut-ins. She got a list from the church or they were prior friends and she would visit them regularly with a flower or two and her time.

It goes without saying, my mom, Norma, is the best mom in the universe. Her positivity and love for Jesus has been the driving force of our family, through many moves to many places. She has friends all over the globe, and I’m sure they have all gotten multiple cards from her, every birthday for sure!

That’s my mommy, Norma; Blessed of God!

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