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  1. Momma, are you struggling to get your child’s cooperation? Struggling to get things done in a timely manner? What about just having a difficult time teaching rules and responsibility to your child? I was there, in your shoes just a few short months ago. Luckily, I discovered an awesome system to teach my LO all of the above struggles.

    I have used this system since January, and it has help tremendously. It’s the infamous sticker chart for your child (of any age). I have two charts (morning and evening) filled with a few chores,i.e. making the bed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, picking up toys, putting dishes in the sink, helping with dinner, taking a bath, free time, and most importantly, having a Bible verse of the day.

    It is important for me, as a parent, to instill responsibility and spiritual growth in my children. By using these charts, when a task is complete, I allow my LO to put a sticker on the space all by herself to assure her that she is doing a job and doing it well and can feel great about doing it because she gets to be a big girl and recognize her accomplishments for the day.

    I usually do a full month of the chart, and if there is a full day of stickers she is rewarded at the end of the night with a cookie or brownie, and if she has a full week, I take her to the store and allow her to pick out one toy or book of her choosing (keeping it under $5) or we have pizza or popcorn chicken. At the end of the month, if she has filled up her chart, she gets to go somewhere fun!

    This method is incredible and works wonders. If course, mommas can change the tasks the way the seem fit with schedules or age being factors.

    I encourage you to try it for a month, and see the difference it makes. I guarantee you will continue to do this.


    • Hello Smart Mommy Laura,

      Thanks for sharing this great system for little ones, I don’t think you mentioned that your baby is only 2 years old and this is working like a charm! Great job! You sent me some pictures and will be adding those shortly, however, I wanted to get your post out there with this good tip for moms!!!

      Thanks again for sharing!!!
      Professional Mom

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