🆘 Bible Emergency Numbers for Back-to-School

Here’s another great product from Teach Sunday School! Don’t miss this valuable locker (or notebook) sticker for “Back to School”! (free shipping) Professional Mom approved! Patti


We just posted a list of Bible Emergency Numbers on the website.

This is the perfect tool to ease anxieties during back-to-school season.

Feeling AfraidLonelyStressedJealousBored?

No matter what the challenging feeling, the Bible has a verse to help kids feel better.

Check it out here:


I’m making sure all the kids at our church have these ‘Emergency Numbers‘ tucked in their Bibles for quick reference.



Tip for Today! Homemade Turmeric Coffee Creamer

I hope you caught my video on FaceBook, illustrating how to make my awesome Turmeric Coffee Creamer! I have been starting my day off with this for the past year and really recommend it for all for the health benefits that the spice, Turmeric, can give you!

Here’s a list of benefits I captured from “nativepath.com”:


Blood pressure help

Eases joint pain (in a little as 7 days!)

Stomach ailments

Aids circulation

(I think it’s helping my brain!)

I have enjoyed using it for over a year now and wanted to share my own personal recipe:

4 heaping Tablespoons Coconut Sugar

3 heaping Tablespoons dry coffee creamer (or any dried milk product)

4 heaping teaspoons Stevia (or sweetener of choice)

3 heaping teaspoons of ground Turmeric

Mix together and store in an airtight container

Use 2-3 teaspoons or 1 heaping Tablespoon in your coffee or beverage every morning for all of the health benefits of Turmeric in a delicious coffee creamer!

🖍️ Book-By-Book Bible Coloring Sheets [PRINTABLE]

Hi Professional Moms! Here’s another Summer activity from Teach Sunday School! PM


Grab some crayons, we just posted a printable coloring sheet for each book in the Bible:

Each coloring page includes an adorable image to color, author info, date written, category, most popular verses, and a chapter-by-chapter reading tracker.

You can print out the whole set here.



101 Bible Games (for Summer Fun)




Hi Moms and Caregivers! Here’s another great download from teachsundayschool.com. Hours of Summer fun games and activities for the children! Enjoy! Professional Mom




We just posted 101 Bible Games on the website:




These are high-energy games that get your kids moving, laughing, and having FUN while they learn more about the Bible.


Perfect for family picnics, VBS, Sunday School, etc.


Check them out here.