A Proud Mom’s Tribute

By Sarah P.

Warning- long & sappy!! People say that the words “time flies” are cliché or just silly little words that old people mutter as they speak of times gone by, but I have realized with each passing day that there are no 2 words that ring more true than these words and  I know there is wisdom within..my girl graduates from high school this Sunday…My mind battles with the 2 lines of thought whether I should either mourn for the baby girl she was or celebrate this young lady that I see standing there before me…she is lovely, she is smart and kind. I can still see the little brown- haired girl sitting beside her bed with a pile of books there ready to read with her moma…my little helper, my little rock that kept her moma together time after time…I do look forward to what her future holds I am just sad that I let time just slip by so fast-i should have let things go, stopped worrying and just enjoyed the time we had together, not rushed it away-when you are in the thick of life, you don’t realize that the time of stress that you are in only lasts but a moment, but a speck in time…a professor once told our class as we were prepping to do some work that we need to realize that every step, every movement, every reach, every touch, every smile is a moment that will never happen again…you will never again step in the spot you just walked in exactly the way you walked on it at the time you walked on it in the position you walked on it ever again in the history of the world even if you try to go back and retrace your steps, something will be different…that moment is gone, your mark has been made, that speck of time has passed-oh! If I could go back and just slow it all down…I would…but I cannot-the stages of their lives have passed as quickly as their pictures on the Senior tribute video did this morning – all I can do is hope and pray that my babies always know without a shadow of a doubt that if their moma did nothing else for them in their life worth much, even if she can’t cook, or sew, or can’t make tons of money at least she loves them with every thing she has, with every ounce of her being,  with every piece of her heart – as long as my babies always know that I love them more than life itself I have done my job…I am so proud of you Brittany! c/o 2017


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