8 Habits (a parody)

8 Habits That Kill Your Metabolism (an article modified from My Fitness Pal)

I receive health and fitness emails regularly from multiple sources. How many of you grow weary and poor from the promises of this product or this diet that will finally get your body to respond miraculously and shed those mid-life crisis pounds that simply will not come off.

A My Fitness Pal email caught my attention today entitled “8 Habits That Kill Your Metabolism.” Although more recently I have been deleting and unsubscribing, I decided to read the 8 reasons and counter with my OWN 8 habits that I happen to know are inhibiting my weight loss. Let’s see which one you agree with more and let me know if you have your own ideas.

My Fitness Pal list (without descriptions) is as follows:

Skipping breakfast

Eating the wrong breakfast

Sitting too much

Neglecting strength training

Not getting enough protein

Not getting enough sleep

Not drinking enough water

Stressing out

My list goes like this:

Eating doughnuts

Binge watching “Chopped”

Weighing yourself with your robe on

Eating brownies

Exercising once a week (then eating a doughnut)

Sneaking snacks

Eating for a rainy day (just in case!)

Touching the gym wall and then going out to eat

My list is more like it, in my humble opinion. I didn’t mention, however, the times I followed lists and diets to the letter and either lost a few pounds and then gained them back, or, didn’t lose any at all. This can be very discouraging to us women folk, especially since our husbands, who now weigh less than us, can drop pounds just by thinking about it.

Since I am all about inspiration and this is a Debbie Downer, I want to encourage you (and myself) to not lose heart. I joked about the doughnuts and brownies, but seriously, I have learned that the weight IS what you put in your mouth. Exercise is great and keeps you toned and feeling better, but food choices are the culprit.

I have decided to make better food choices and exercise regularly, still binge watch my favorite shows, but with good snack choices, like pepperoni and cheese cubes. There are a million sweet recipes you can make that keep you on track, for example, chocolate peanut butter cups made with coconut oil and stevia. You can also bake with almond flour or coconut flour and make the most lovely cookies and cakes.

Now that I have had my rant, I both feel better and inspired. I will eat the last doughnut in the box and start on my new way of eating tomorrow!

Professional Mom to the rescue!

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